Potters Association of Catalonia
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El somni entre dos mons - Esther Ramos

10/04/2018 - 13/05/2018

INAUGURACIÓ: 10/04 a les 19.00h

LLOC: Potters Association of Catalonia

C/Doctor Dou, 7 - Barcelona

logo accThe Potters Association of Catalonia is a meeting place for professionals in the ceramics. The association was founded in 1986 and since then has worked to promote and disseminate artistic and commercial Catalan ceramics both around the country and abroad.

Currently involving over 350 active partners, between potters, terrissers, students, with·Collectors and artists from all over Catalonia.

The fundamental objectives that drive the direction of the association are:

Fundamental objectives

  • Dissemination and promotion of ceramics in all its aspects, by exposure, actions, and fairs aimed at the general public.
  • The creation of a field of encounter, discussion, communication and exchange between potters, promoting and facilitating the exhibition of his work to the public.
  • Lifelong learning, Research and transmission of information among members through courses, conferences and meetings.

In order to carry out their work, ACC has a public open space in the city center which offers a permanent exhibition of ceramic author and organizes conferences and exhibitions of renowned national and international ceramists.

The headquarters of the ACC is also a meeting point for members who may have their space and enjoy the services that are reserved as the secretariat, library, service documentation, and bookstore.

The ACC is a member of the following organizations

International Academy of Ceramics.


Federation of Artisans and Office of Catalonia.


Association of Periodical Publications in Catalan. To edit the magazine Terrart.