Potters Association of Catalonia
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El somni entre dos mons - Esther Ramos

10/04/2018 - 13/05/2018

INAUGURACIÓ: 10/04 a les 19.00h

LLOC: Potters Association of Catalonia

C/Doctor Dou, 7 - Barcelona


Barcelona, 12 to the 16 September 2016

"Ceramics in architecture and public space"

The 47th Congress of the International Academy of Ceramics (AIC), to be held in
Barcelona in September 2016, is designed as a meeting place, study and debate about 300 Academic World. This event will be complemented by several visits to the ceramic heritage of the city and of Catalonia, in addition to various cultural and entertainment events, coinciding with the celebration of the General Assembly of the Academy. Is expected to make a path "pre-conference" with visits to cities of Aragon and Valencia high interest for its ceramics, circuit and a "post-conference" in Madrid, Talavera de la Reina i Andalusia.

The central theme of the Congress in Barcelona 2016 will Ceramics in Architecture and
Public Space, highly relevant and still little studied and debated. Your choice has some very powerful reasons, as Barcelona and Catalonia have produced architectural ceramics of the first magnitude which plays a key role, especially during Modernism, Antoni Gaudí buildings, Louis Dominic i Montaner and Josep Puig, but also by the presence of ceramic sculptures and works by contemporary artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Eduardo Chillida and Joan Miró.

The 47th Congress of the Academy in Barcelona is organized by the Association of Catalonia and the Potters own Academy. Has the co-organization of the City Council, Government of Catalonia (CCAM and Culture Department) • There cabbage and other public institutions work together, museums, associations, art galleries and businesses. This represents a broad political support, social i cultural, guaranteeing excellence • excellence and success in this important event ceramic worldwide.

It is expected that the enrollment period begins in March 2016.