Potters Association of Catalonia
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El somni entre dos mons - Esther Ramos

10/04/2018 - 13/05/2018

INAUGURACIÓ: 10/04 a les 19.00h

LLOC: Potters Association of Catalonia

C/Doctor Dou, 7 - Barcelona

The Union is strength, crafts and professions is still more important this proverb. The association serves as a representation of professionals towards the stakeholders of our society; public admin, other professional sectors, general public and defends the rights of the trade wherever needed.

Apart from this union work, Potters Association offers these other services associated:

  • Specialized information, fires, courses, competitions… in which to present their work, or capture their interest towards ceramics. The information comes through the agenda updated website, Express monthly newsletter, the newsletter of the Association, secretary and any other query.
  • Fires col·teaching: offer the member the opportunity to participate in the collective stand·group in the most important fairs of the State, achieving price and visibility interesting.
  • Group exhibitions·teaching; present the opportunity to participate in group exhibitions·class performed both at the headquarters of the association and the rest of the State or international.
  • Exhibitions exchanges with other countries, know that the expressions of other countries and they know our.
  • Book soci so enjoy various discounts on ceramic and museums
  • Library specializing in the ceramic world, the virtual catalog, and constant updating background.
  • Bookstore Ceramic new publications relevant international.
  • Space Show a special site for the headquarters where the partner can sell his work. Has characteristics that make it more commercial.
  • ACC Room is a space dedicated to temporary exhibitions of both partners and other potters, which seeks to highlight the great artistic ceramics.
  • Terrart is a biannual publication positioned as a national benchmark of artistic ceramics. The magazine is published by its own members and is aimed at the general public interested in crafts.
  • Express newsletter is the tool for internal communication partners, which highlights the important events of the month, les fires, news on the sector, relations with the government,… and all that can interest the associated.
  • Monographic publications, publishing catalogs·groups, Milestone interesting…
  • Training activities; new techniques, one, design and new professional trainings for today.