Potters Association of Catalonia
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El somni entre dos mons - Esther Ramos

10/04/2018 - 13/05/2018

INAUGURACIÓ: 10/04 a les 19.00h

LLOC: Potters Association of Catalonia

C/Doctor Dou, 7 - Barcelona

The library has a privileged place at the headquarters of the ACC. Her background, which began in the late eighties, growing every year and has become a benchmark for all that is posted rel·facilities to the world of ceramics.

The library is open to all members and can be used in office hours (consult horaris).
Variety of spaces to consult books Conditioner, catalogs and magazines and the technology needed to play multimedia. It also has a computer and internet connection.

You can ask the librarian Judith advice Pellicer Friday afternoon at the ACC, per e-mail a biblioteca@ceramistescat.org or telephone 933 188 510.

  • 200 books cataloged.
  • 48 videos, 28 Author and CD 35 DVD Exhibition
  • Col·collections of magazines:
    • Journal of Ceramics and Glass
    • Ceramics
    • Craft and Art
    • Newsletter Ceramics
    • Ceramics Arts and Perception
    • Publication Terrart and ACC
    • Bulletin Crafts Catalonia
    • Maos (Portugal)
    • Bonart
    • Revistart
    • New ceramic
    • Conbarro
  • 325 catalogs classified:
    • Potters national
    • Potters foreign
    • Biennals
    • Contests
    • Museums
    • Fires
    • Catàlegs ACC
    • Sculpture
    • Painting and drawing
  • Reprints of topics relating to the history of ceramics.
  • Material Factory Esplugues de Llobregat Pujol Bausis.
  • Photo albums of all exhibitions and activities from the start of the ACC.

The Library also runs a small co·collection of art pieces donated by various potters and Alison Tinker, Barbaformosa, Joan Carrillo, Teresa Gironès, Marta Teresa Battle, Maria Andrés, etc..