Potters Association of Catalonia
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El somni entre dos mons - Esther Ramos

10/04/2018 - 13/05/2018

INAUGURACIÓ: 10/04 a les 19.00h

LLOC: Potters Association of Catalonia

C/Doctor Dou, 7 - Barcelona

16 of setembre (provisional agenda)


It is expected to make several routes so that congressmen know the reality of our country ceramics. The tours include visits to museums, exhibitions, potteries, unique buildings and other attractions outside Barcelona ceramic.


Terracotta - Ceramics Museum

Temporary exhibition of ceramics and architecture in La Bisbal and permanent exhibition of industrial ceramics and craft.

Visit ceramic production workshops (determine)

It is proposed to visit some of the potteries of La Bisbal, one of the centers of reference in Catalan ceramics, more than 40 workshops active.

School of Ceramics in La Bisbal

Training center with excellent ceramics·lents install·facilities and natural surroundings really nice.


Pottery Museum

Equipment located in an old brickyard showing the production of this traditional pottery village near the city of Girona

Scored Workshop

Pottery workshop that produced ceramics for architecture noucentista (1910 – 1930) Girona province, besides ceramic figures of important sculptors of the time.


Museum Pitcher

Temporary exhibition permanent exhibition of contemporary ceramics and pottery linked to water.

Casa Puig

1897 – 1905

Summer home of the modernist architect Josep Puig (1867 – 1956)

Casa Garí

1898 – 1900

Impressive modernist house and gardens, designed by the architect Josep Puig.


Can Tinturé Museum

Col·Collection of pre-industrial and industrial tile (s. XV - XIX)

Museum "Rajoleta" (Hill and former factory Bausis)

Old ceramic factory that supplied the main Modernist architects, which are preserved important elements, especially ovens.


Ceramics Cumella

Visit the pottery Cumella, one that specializes in ceramics in architecture, both nationally and internationally, Working in close some of the most important contemporary architects.


Artigas Foundation

Further study and Josep Llorens Artigas workshop and then by his son Joan Gardy Artigas. A center of worship for generations of potters from around the world.

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